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At www.augustagatreeservice.com, we not only remove trees as what you can always notice in our company name. But beyond the name we give to people, we are an avenue to take care of their property and surroundings through taking good care of the plants and trees around them. We all know that trees are simply wonderful. Trees help in cleaning air and water, slow our climate change, ease people’s hunger through the fruit they provide to us, prevent loss of species through the shelter they provide to animals and feed the human soul through the atmosphere they bring to us. All we need to do is give value to them and take care of them. Let’s work together to make it happen around your property and city we live in.  

Our company will provide people with high-quality services like tree planting, trimming, lot clearing, stump removal and many other services for your property or backyard. We are here to bring homeowners and landowners in reaching the goal of maintaining the environment they live in through the services we offer them. The mission of the company is not just to provide our customers with these services but also help our environment maintain the quality of its life for people. And if you’re passionate about the trees around your property, let us help each other in maintaining them and taking good care of them through the services we can provide to you. In this way, the quality of the life of these trees we can sustain and protect will surely give you satisfaction and guaranteed you effective and safe.